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The Team


Dr. Hoyt

Dr. Tim Hoyt

As a young child, Dr. Hoyt always enjoyed going to the chiropractor with his Mom, who was an avid believer in the necessity and benefits of chiropractic care. During his senior year of high school and early college years, Dr. Hoyt found chiropractic beneficial as an athlete to enhance his performance capabilities and physical health. Dr. Hoyt played two years of college baseball, but due to the substantial impact chiropractic care had on him from a young age, he decided to focus more on the long-term health of others and chose to pursue his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Hoyt, to this day, says that was one of the best decisions he's made.


Vicki Hoyt

Vicki - Director of Operations

Vicki is Dr. Hoyts wife of 36 years. They have 7 children, 2 son in laws, 1 daughter in law and 3 beautiful grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with the Lord, serving her friends and family, hiking, and eating great food. Vicki has played numerous roles throughout the year in Dr. Hoyts practice. She currently acts as his operations manager. Vicki absolutely loves working in the Chiropractic world, and states “I believe chiropractic is the most miraculous, non-invasive health care option out there. With something as simple as an an adjustment your life can turn back to health. It’s so very safe and has no negative side effects! I love how simple it is but how you get such powerful results! From a common ear ache to a stomach ache, to a car accident injury, it is unbelievable to see it relieved under chiropractic care.



Liz - Office Manager

Liz has worked with Dr. Hoyt since 2006. She is the office manager, billing specialist and front desk receptionist. Liz, having experience in all of the areas of the office has made her an invaluable part of our team. She is also a certified Chiropractic Assistant. Liz is married and has two grown sons, whom are her pride and joy. In her free time, she enjoys to travel and spend time with family.



Briley Hoyt - Front Office Receptionist

Briley is Dr. Hoyts youngest daughter. She has worked as the front desk receptionist and Chiropractic Assistant for 5 years. part time She loves the outdoors, hiking, singing, missions, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Briley is currently studying to be a nurse, and has a great passion for the healthcare field, and seeing people find health and wholeness. Briley loves chiropractic due to its wholistic approach to medicine. “Anytime I am in pain, whether it’s a stomach ache, headache, cramps etc, an adjustment is always my go to..



Joseph Hoyt



Bentley - Chiro Dog



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