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Dr. Hoyt believes in the quality of giving back. He has always been generous and compassionate towards those less fortunate, and believes as a local business here in the community that it is important to use business as a platform to help those less fortunate within the community and as well as around the country.

  • Two Cents Homeless Charity Outreach, which is a organization started by students that hosts dinners, outreaches, job training, and long term solutions to end homelessness in Arizona and throughout the country working to get students involved in charity and also bringing hope to the hopeless started by one of Dr. Hoyt's daughters.
  • Home of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program students are treated by Dr. Hoyt here within our community and offered quality chiropractic care while they are on their own road of healing and recovery within their program.

  • Every October, Dr. Hoyt & his staff are proud participants in CASA Foster Kids foundation, providing for the needs of foster kids and being a family to children throughout Pinal County's system that have no family. Started by one of Dr. Hoyt's long term patients Lynda Wililams a well respected woman within the community.
  • Lastly, Special Olympics has a big place in the lives and hearts of Dr. Hoyt's family specifically because his fifth child has Down's Syndrome. He enjoys taking care of special needs individuals as well as spending time with them and supporting them during their Olympic tournaments.

    We strongly encourage you to check out these incredible organizations and the people's lives they are changing.You have the ability to help others significantly as well!

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